Thunder Leash - Standard


$45.29 CAD 

The simpler “no-pull” solution for your dog. Our patent-pending design converts from a standard leash to a "no-pull" solution in seconds. No complicated harnesses. No irritating head-collars. The "no-pull" configuration provides a safe, gentle pressure on the dog's torso providing consistent feedback to stop pulling.

SIZING – 6 feet long for small dogs (up to 25 lbs); 7 feet long for large dogs (over 25 lbs)

SIMPLE – No training required. No complicated harnesses or head-collars.

SAFE – Reflective Logos for Added Nighttime Safety!

ADAPTABLE – Fits all breeds and sizes.

POSITVE – Recommended by positive-based trainers across the country.

SOFT-TOUCH HANDLE – For your hand's comfort

XS < 12 lbs
S 12-25 LBS
M/L 25-100 LBS

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