ThunderWunders Calmin Chews for Cats 100 chews


$31.49 CAD 

ThunderWunders Cat Calming Chews – Anxiety Supplement with Thiamine, L-Tryptophan, and Chamomile – Relieve Stress from Vet Visits, Separation, Storms, Fireworks & Travel.


FROM THE CREATORS OF THUNDERSHIRT, the leader in pet calming solutions, now calm comes in a bite-sized bit for cats in a tasty chicken flavour that even the pickiest of pets will love.

FINICKY FELINE FLAVOUR GUARANTEE: If your cat decides ThunderWunders aren’t for them, please return for a refund. We promise our chef won’t be offended!

STOP CAT ANXIETY AND STRESS caused by traveling, vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks, or any other stressful event.

THIAMINE, L-TRYPTOPHAN, AND CHAMOMILE help reduce stress and tension, promoting rest and relaxation.

VET RECOMMENDED calming chews are safe and effective for cats, plus they’re MADE IN THE USA.

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