Tiki Cat - Aloha Friends Pouches Variety Pack



Tiki Cat® Aloha Friends™

Variety Pack Aloha Friends


Who wants to eat the same thing for every meal? Not us! With the Aloha Friends™ Variety Pack, you can feed your cat Tuna with Shrimp & Pumpkin in the morning and Tuna with Tilapia & Pumpkin at night. This keeps cats excited about mealtime, while giving them a variety of protein sources for a healthy, balanced diet.

The Aloha Friends™ Variety Pack contains 12 3-oz. cans or pouches of the following formulas (3 of each): Tuna with Tilapia & Pumpkin, Tuna with Ocean Whitefish & Pumpkin, Tuna with Shrimp & Pumpkin and Tuna with Calamari & Pumpkin.


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