Tiki Cat® Baby Kitten Mousse & Shreds Wet Kitten Food 3 x 1.9 oz



Kittens are born carnivores, but they also have very specific nutritional needs. With increasing energy, developing digestive and immune systems, and growing bodies, they need nutrition designed just for them. Tiki Cat® Baby Mousse & Shreds gives kittens their best start, with high protein and fat to support early growth, DHA to promote healthy brain development, and soft layers of mousse and shreds to help transition to solid food.

Delicate layers of mousse and tiny poultry shreds to help baby cats transition from mommy's milk. DHA and essential fatty acids sources to support healthy brain development. High protein from real sources that are easy on tiny tummies. Supplemental taurine and balanced calcium and phosphorus to support healthy development during early growth.


For kittens: Feed approximately 1-3/4 cans per day per 1 lb. of body weight.
For Adult Cats: Feed approximately 2-1/2 cans per day per 7 lbs. of body weight.
Pregnant or Nursing Cats may require two to four times their normal feeding.

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