Tropiclean Essentials Shea Butter & Chamomile Conditioner Dog Puppy Cat 16oz


$24.99 CAD 


Enrich your pet’s skin and coat with hand-selected, naturally derived ingredients found in TropiClean Essentials Collection. Specially formulated Shea butter conditioner for pets is made to help restore and condition their skin and coat. Shea Butter lends its moisturizing nature to the formula while providing a good source of antioxidants and linoleic acid.

RESTORING: Specially formulated soothing conditioner for dogs with dry & itchy skin

CONDITIONING: Utilizes the natural moisturizing properties of Shea Butter

SAFE SOLUTION: Sulfate free, Paraben free, Phthalate free, Dye free and Soap free

ESSENTIAL SCENT: Soft Shea Butter & Chamomile

MADE WITH NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS: TropiClean defines ingredients to be naturally derived if they are either naturally occurring raw materials or are adapted from naturally occurring plant- or mineral-based raw materials.


CONDITIONING BLEND - Combination of conditioning agents that help moisturize dry skin and soften the coat.

CORN STARCH - Thickening agent that gives body to the formula.

SHEA BUTTER - Moisturizes and softens the skin and coat.

ALOE - Hydrates the skin and coat.

LAURYL LAURATE - Conditioning agent that helps smooth the coat.

VITAMIN A - Contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation.

VITAMIN E - Helps lock in moisture by forming a protective layer on the surface of the skin.

CITRIC ACID - Balances the formula's pH.

SHEA BUTTER & CHAMOMILE FRAGRANCE - Warm, fruity scent that leaves the skin and coat smelling indulgently fresh.

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