Urban Wolf - Essentials - Pure Wild Fish Oil


$12.99 CAD 

Our fish oil softgels are made to be used with both Urban Wolf and Urban King. A fine blend of wild caught, GMO-free cold water ocean fish, they should be be used as part of your pet’s daily Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplement. High in natural occurring EPA & DHA, it will support your pet’s heart, skin, coat & especially brain functions. When used in conjunction with URBAN WOLF Omega Gold Flax supplement and URBAN WOLF or URBAN KING Diets, you are feeding the finest combination of whole food Omega 3 supplements  possible to your pets.

All-Natural Ingredients: Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Blend of Wild Caught, GMO Free: Mackerel, Sardine & Anchovies body oils, preserved with natural Vitamin E. 360mg EPA - 240mg DHA / 2ml.

Instructions: URBAN WOLF Recipe: add 6 softgels dissolved in warm water or: Up to 8 lb.= 1 Softgel every 3rd day, 10-15 lb.= 1 Softgel every 2nd day, 20-35 lb.= 1 Softgel per day, 40-65 lb.=  Softgels per day, 70-100 lb.= 3 Softgels per day, 100+ lb. = 5 Softgels per day. Feed directly or dissolve in warm water and add to food.

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