Water And Woods Adjustable Dog Collar Country Roots Equinox Dog 1inx18-26in


$13.49 CAD 

  • Adjustable to ensure you get the right fit for your pooch
  • Curved, snap-lock buckle is designed to sit comfortably around your dog's neck
  • Vibrant, colorfast patterns help your dog stand out in the field
  • Collar features a snap-lock open and closing for easy removal
  • Backed by Coastal Pet's Quality Guarantee

The Water and Woods® Adjustable Patterned Collar is perfect for hunting dogs on the prowl or those who just dream of chasing ducks. Featuring vibrant, colorfast patterns inspired by the lakes, rivers and wooded areas hunting dogs are familiar with. The unique curved, snap-lock buckle provides extra comfort, making it ideal for everyday use.


Adjustable. Plastic Buckle. Vibrant Patterns.


Ideal for everyday use. Do not use with tie-outs.

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