Water And Woods Braided Rope Snap Dog Leash Green Dog 1inx6ft


$23.49 CAD 

  • 6-foot length is perfect for just about any size dog
  • Classic swivel snap prevents tangling
  • Made of soft braided rope so it feels good in your hand and on your dog's neck
  • Easily attaches to your dog's collar with one snap
  • Durable material is so flexible it can be folded and put into your pocket

The simple, yet durable 6' Water and Woods® Braided Rope Snap Dog Leash is a great leash for active dogs. The swivel snap prevents tangling when your pup tries to run circles around you. And the easy snap open and close makes it a cinch for quickly attaching to a collar.


Braided Rope.


Ideal for field trails and crate transfers.

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