This Amazing Supplement Could Turbo Boost Your Pet's Immune System

This Amazing Supplement Could Turbo Boost Your Pet's Immune System

Is your pet feeling a little down with an allergy, sickness, or other immune system problem? Maybe looking like this?

If your pet ever been sick, had allergies, or just an unbalanced immune system you probably wished there was something you could buy to help it. But when you go to a pet store it's hard to find a natural pet supplement helps them get over it faster.

Now we have something you might want to check out. This could turbo boost your pet's immune system!

We have the thing  and it's called Omega Alpha Healthy Pet. It can boost and balance the immune system, it's affordable (only $9.99 for the 120ml size), and it's a liquid so it's easy to add to wet or dry food.

There are 6 herbal ingredients in it and they are all good. But the one that excites us the most is called the Reishi Mushroom. Native to Asia, it's so highly thought of in the east that it's sometimes called the mushroom of immortality. You might of even seen in a Chinese pharmacy before. It's a huge red mushroom and it's unmistakable and unforgettable.

The health benefits of this mushroom are many, but the main one is that research has shown  it boosts the immune system's NK killer cell activity. NK cells are called Natural Killer cells, and these are the hunters that are sent out to destroy invading bacteria or neutralize cancer cells. Over a seven day period NK activity could very well double! This is especially important for senior pets as the immune system typically declines with age.

The Reishi's ability to help combat infection, disease and cancer are  not it's only benefits though. It can also reduce allergy symptoms by acting as a natural anti histamine. That means it neutralizes some of the negative effects of histamines that the body produces to combat allergens. These include watery eyes, itchiness, and sneezing. Benefits of Reishi may also include lower blood pressure and a mild calming effect.

Other beneficial ingredients in Omega Alpha Healthy Pet include Astragalus, Echinacea, Cat's Claw Vine  (Uncaria Tomentosa - don't worry this is a plant!), Ashwaganda, and Siberian Ginseng. These are all either antioxidants or adaptogens. Antioxidants clear up harmful free radicals that may impede proper immune function and adaptogens are plants that have properties that help a pet's body to adapt to stressful conditions. Like being sick for example!

The Healthy Pet Tincture can be regarded as an Immune Balancing remedy. That means not only does it boost immunity, it shuts down aspects that are not necessary too. If your pet has an immune system that isn't functioning in it's proper way then this may be a supplement you want to try out to get things back in balanced and top notch order.

Over the more than 10 years that Natural Pet Foods has been open, we have heard some very nice stories about how Healthy Pet and other products containing the Reishi Mushroom seemed to help a pet to get over a sickness or just balance out their immune system. Examples include a customer who said their dog recovered from a cough shortly after starting to use Healthy Pet. In another instance one of our store staff told us a tincture containing Reishi Mushroom resulted in an autoimmune rash diminishing in frequency after consistent use.

The Omega Alpha Healthy Pet Supplement is suitable for both dogs and cats. You can find it in a 120ml and 500ml size. As a liquid it's easy to give to your pet and  it's  also  affordable to all so why not give it a try! 

It's available in our online store here


This article does not constitute medical advice and if your pet has a medical condition we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian for advice.

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