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$79.99 CAD $159.99 CAD


The Jack Cat Perch features a contemporary black and white recyclable rope perch and bowl lounger. With two perches, your cat will have ample opportunity to see which one he/she likes best.

Size is 45 cm x 45 cm x 59 cm

Beautiful black and white design fits in with any décor.

Guaranteed the cats favorite sleeping quarters. Snuggle-heaven!

Petite cat climber features lounging cubbies made with durable, eco-friendly paper rope. The two-tone woven design is unique and fun - just like your cat- and blends well in your home. Sisal-wrapped posts on this unit offer safe scratching and claw conditioning while contributing further to the eco-friendly construction. Both the bowl lounger and the upper perch are reinforced near the base for added stability. Pom pom bell-toy offers bat-and-swat playtime fun.

Upper perch features a built-in, padded plush seat; bowl lounger offers a removable polyester plush covered pillow and sits closer to the ground - ideal for older cats. This space-saving unit is the ultimate luxury lounger for a single-cat or a double-cat household.

Sturdy wood base is covered in polyester plush. Assembles easily in about 5 minutes. Assembled unit measures 24" x 24" x 23" high; base measures 18" x 18".

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