Enjoying spring with your pets!

Enjoying spring with your pets!

We're all excited to get out and about with our furry friends but with spring also comes the much needed seasonal chores of spring cleaning and gardening. 

For many households spring-cleaning is an annual event, one that doesn't often involve your pets. However there are a number of reasons your pets should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to cleaning.

Home Cleaning Products - Almost all cleaning products contain chemicals that can be toxic to animals. Avoid harm by following the guidelines on the bottle and by storing in a safe area away from inquisitive noses. If your pet happens to ingest a cleaning product, flush out their mouth immediately and take them to see a vet. Bring the chemical with you so that they know exactly what was ingested.

If you are having a tough time cleaning pet stains and odours NATURES MIRACLE have a great range of products that provide the perfect solution for any pet mess – check them out here. 

Bedding – Just like our bedding, pet bedding will accumulate dirt and grime over time and should also be subject to some spring-cleaning. Luckily most pet beds are now machine washable – check the tag or packaging. Helpful tip: add a cup of baking soda to a cold machine wash to neutralize odour.

Collar cleaning – You may have never thought of this but a collar should also be cleaned. They can end up quite smelly and depending on the material, harbour bacteria. A great way to clean a collar is to fill a bowl with water and pet shampoo and soak the collar, scrubbing if necessary and then rinse and hang to dry. Wait until the collar is completely dry before use. If your pet's collar no longer fits, is worn or unable to be cleaned it is in the best interest of your pet to replace it. See our wide range of dog collars here and cat collars here.

Pet Allergies – Like us, pets can be allergic to dust, pollen, plants or food. Allergic reactions can cause sniffing, wheezing, coughing, scratching or in more extreme cases anaphylactic shock. Be cautious of your pets when cleaning as you are lifting dust, and be mindful of spring plants and pollen on walks. Many allergies can be remedied with a special diet or by adding natural supplements to your pets food – if you have any allergy related questions our knowledgeable staff can help you out in store.

Once the inside is clean it’s onto the outside – time to get that garden into shape.

Chemicals – fertilizers, insecticides and many bait traps for rodents, snails and slugs can contain chemicals harmful to your animal. Be mindful of the products you are using and if the area is unsafe for your animal to keep them well away.

Plants – Did you know that many common plants can be toxic to dogs? Here is a list of some of the more common plants found in gardens:







sago palm



helpful tip: To keep your dog off your flower beds or vegetable gardens scatter some orange peels - many dogs are sensitive to citrus and will stay away.

 Spring doesn’t only mean cleaning and gardening; if you’re lucky it can also mean the beginning of cottage season and trips to the lake. Here are a few tips when bringing your pet along for the ride.

Swimming – Although you may be very confident that your dog is a great swimmer if is always recommended that they wear a LIFE VEST especially while riding in the boat or at unfamiliar rivers/lakes where they could encounter a steep drop.

Bugs – Ticks are becoming more and more common and are reportedly being found in suburban backyards not just backcountry anymore. Ticks are incredibly scary as they can spread a number of diseases not just to our animals but to people too. The most effective way to protect your pet is with preventative treatment but you can also boost their protection with a NATURAL REPELLING SPRAY that acts just like our bug sprays and will keep the ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs from attacking your dogs and horses while out and about. *Available in store

First aid – Most households hold a first aid kit but have you considered purchasing a first aid kit for your pets? We carry Pet First Aid kits specifically designed with your pets in mind – perfect for weekend getaways, camping trips and long hikes.

Spring is an exciting time of year, the sun is finally shining and everyone is out and about – so get out there and enjoy your spring knowing that by following this information your pets will be safe and happy.





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