A New and Affordable Grain Free Food: Pulsar


Pulsar Dog Food

Natural Pet Foods is very pleased to announce we are now carrying Pulsar Grain Free Dog Food. This excellent new Canadian made dog food comes in Chicken or Salmon flavor and will be especially attractive to budget minded consumers. These days it's hard to find a food that covers all the bases and still costs less than $60, but Pulsar does it with flying colours. In this article we will look specifically at the Pulsar salmon formula.

It's priced at $56.99 for the fish formula but the formula has all the characteristics of a food that would retail at $100 a bag. It's first ingredient is quality salmon, it's grain free/low carb, has a good portion of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, and probiotics to help maintain good health.

So let's start with the ingredients and why they are good things for your dog. Salmon meal is a quality protein that is highly digestible. This is wild caught salmon, which means that it has a higher amount of healthy Omega 3s in it. This essential fatty acid is important for coat, heart, and brain health. We're sure you will notice an extra glossy coat very soon with this food.

You will notice on the ingredient list that there are no potatoes or grains to provide the starch that "glues" the kibble together. Instead you find ingredients like red lentils. These add more fibre, antioxidants, and are lower carb than potatoes or grains.

With regards to the fruits and vegetables Pulsar has made some excellent choices. Antioxidant superstar blueberries are excellent for eye health and have significant anti cancerous  properties. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage have many nutrients and also have their own anti cancerous benefits.

The probiotics added to this food help with digestion and immunity to round out a very complete and up to date dog food. Why spend more for a food that may be inferior to Pulsar?  It is definitely one of the best values we have in our store. You can find it here in our online store.



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  • geri - May 01, 2016

    Has a great price point because it is subsidised by the Sask government.

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