Managing Pet Cancer with Natural Cranimals Berry Powder and Wormwood Tincture

As we all know, cancer is the leading cause of death for pets, whether they are cats or dogs. At Natural Pet Foods, one of our primary concerns is helping your pet manage this condition when it does happen. In fact, the store was founded because we felt there were too many stores selling foods containing possibly cancer causing ingredients. We wanted a store where there would be no harmful chemicals in the foods.

But what can you do when your pet is diagnosed with a tumor? Sometimes people think there is nothing they can do about it; but over time we have seen great evidence that something can indeed be done about it. Numerous times, cysts and tumors have shrunk after a few weeks of feeding Cranimals and/or the Prescribed Animal Wellness Anti Tumor tincture. We know this because our own staff members use this product with their pets. Cancer is a terrible disease and there are no guarantees it can be beat, but here are some examples where it seems it could be managed with supplements.

  • A very old cat diagnosed with an abdominal tumor was fed berry powder and tincture every day. He lived quite happily for another year, which was great, considering his age!
  • A customer was told his pet only had a couple of weeks left to live. One year later, after buying the Anti -tumor tincture, his pet was still alive.
  • A staff member noticed her dog was getting a lot of cysts, which our herbalist tells us can be related to tumors. Several weeks later, after using the berry powder, the cysts shrunk significantly
  • A customer came in with a dog with many possibly cancerous bumps on his skin. He bought the berry powder and anti tumor tincture and a few weeks later the customer's mother noticed the bumps were shrinking or bursting

This isn't an instant sort of thing, but after a few weeks there is a good chance that you will see an improvement in your pet. If the berry powder/tincture combination is working their eyes will be brighter and more energy will be obvious.

We have noticed that an effective combination of products is Cranimals Very Berry powder (organic raspberry/cranberry/blueberry  powder) and an anti tumor tincture that we carry. Lets look at the raspberry powder first.  Generally I suggest the organic Cranimals Very Berry powder which is 1/3 of each cranberry, blueberry, and raspberry.Organic is important because most berries are heavily sprayed with pesticides which contain carcinogenic substances and are sometimes free radicals themselves.

How Berry Powder May Fight Cancer in Your Pet :

1) The cranberries may bind to glucose. Many believe that cancer cells use larger amounts of glucose. This may be because they need extra energy to replicate themselves at a higher rate than normal cells. Reducing the amount of glucose may slow down the growth of tumors this way.
Fructose and Cancer : @
There is controversy also with the Mayo Clinic saying that glucose dosn’t affect the rate of growth of tumors. Cancer causes: Popular myths about the causes of cancer
  Cranberries seemed to cause cell death in certain cancer cells in some studies. Some of these studies reported at a meeting of the American Chemical Society found ovarian cancer cells that were becoming resistant to chemotherapy  became six times more sensitive when exposed to a compound in cranberries.Antioxidants in cranberries may also prevent further cell damage.

2) Blueberries are related to the cranberries and contain very high levels of antioxidants which may prevent damage to cellular DNA that may cause cancer.

3) Raspberries may be the strongest cancer fighting berry of these three berries. It is thought the reason is the high content of ellagic acid in the Raspberries. Ellagic acid is a natural nutrient found in many fruits and nuts, but in especially high amounts in raspberries and strawberries. It seems to prevent carcinogens from binding to cell DNA. This in turn reduces mutations within a cell’s DNA. In healthy cells the life span is approximately 120 days before natural cell death. Cancerous cells continue to divide and may cause tumors. In studies with Rats Apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells started several days after eating freeze dried raspberries. Ellagatannins from Raspberries also activate detoxifying enzymes in the liver and neutralize destructive free radicals.

Cranimals comes in a 120g pack that will last an average sized dog about 1 month, but the more you can feed the better. You can find it in our supplement collection!

Links to further reading about Berries and Cancer

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Ellagic acid prevents rat colon carcinogenes... [Eur J Pharmacol. 2011]

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In addition to the berry powder I have also found success with the addition of the Prescribed Animal Wellness Anti-Tumor  tincture. A two pronged attack on the tumors. Although there is more than one type available to buy on the market  I suggest a particular one that consists of :

Maca Root
Maca Root is an adaptogenic plant that is grown exclusively in Peru and has been used by native people there for many centuries. Adaptogens are a class of plants that help your body deal with stressful situations be they emotional or physical. Maca is also a member of the cruciferous group of plants which includes brocolli and cabbage. These plants contains high levels of  isothiocyanates (ITCs). An ITC called sulforaphane in cruciferous vegetables works by blocking carcinogens from binding to cell DNA and by inhibiting growth of blood vessels that supply tumors. The formation of new blood vessels to supply a tumor is called angiogenesis. Research has been quite limited so far on Maca Root but it is becoming recognized as a new superfood for more energy and endurance. It has been theorized that Maca can balance the entire hormonal system resulting in better health.

Can isothiocyanates (ITCs) help prevent cancer? - Cancer Prevention
Cat’s Claw is a plant that grows in South America. The name comes from the fact that it has thorny hooks on its vines. There is considerable controversy about it’s effectiveness against cancer but it has few side effects. Early evidence in some studies hint that it may kill some cancer cells. It is also contains antioxidants, alkaloids, and anti inflammatory properties. It may boost the immune system by increasing production of white blood cells.
Cat's claw

Pau D’Arco
Pau D’arco is a south american tree that is reputed by native people in South America and Central America to have some effects against cancer. It is a large flowering tree, and the name means bow stick, as native people used it to make their bows. It is somewhat controversial and a compound in it may reduce blod clotting. Much of the controversy about the herb is related to high doses of an extract of the plant called Lapachol. Using the whole plant does not causes the side effects that caused a reduction in studies about this potentially beneficial plant. The active ingredients are in the inner bark of the tree. Pau D’Arco also seems to boost the immune system by increasing production of macrophages that fight disease, and has potent antioxidant, anti inflammatory and anti histamine properties.
The American cancer society website states that it may have some anti tumoral effects against lung cancer cells which it killed in lab test tubes, and their site states that it may slow the spread of some types of cancer. Overall they seem to have a mixed opinion on Pau D’Arco though.

Pau d'arco

The following site does not have a lot of links to studies backing up its claims but is interesting and information filled nonetheless
Pau D'Arco

Wormwood tinctures
The wormwood tincture is a very important component of the anti tumor tincture because it contains artimisinin. Sweet wormwood has been used for centuries to treat parasites. Over 2 million people have been treated for the malaria parasite with wormwood. The reason its effectiveness in treating malaria for this is that the malaria parasite has a high iron content and artimisinin reacts with iron to create large numbers of free radicals. These free radicals then cause great damage to the malaria parasite. Scientists reasoned that because cancer cells also have this high iron content then artimisinin could also be an effective cancer treatment. Studies showed this to be true with artmisinin inhibiting and shrinking tumors without affecting the well being of lab animals being treated. Sweet wormwood appears to be a promising anticancer agent with a good amount of research behind it now.

Scholarly studies on artimisinin

Artemisinin Induces Apoptosis in Human Cancer Cells
Artemisinin Blocks Prostate Cancer Growth and Cell Cycle Progression by Disrupting Sp1 Interactions with the Cyclin-dependent Kinase-4 (CDK4) Promoter and Inhibiting CDK4 Gene Expression

General Article on Artimisinin
Artimisinin Anti Cancer Malaria Drug To Extend Life And Fight Disease


Maintain a positive energy and outlook on your situation. Your pet will pick up on it and help it fight the disease.


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