A Solution to Pet Digestive Problems

Does your furbaby have an upset stomach sometimes?

One of the most common reasons customers come to our store is for natural solutions to digestive troubles. After working with our healthy supplement line for so long, we know that certain ingredients have solved canine and feline digestive issues time and time again. The Omega Alpha Probiotics Plus product has many ingredients that could allieviate digestion issues. Combined in one product is probiotics, enzymes, and fibre.



Sippery Elm is one such source of fibre  that can help in a multitude of ways. Long used by native people, the ground inner bark of the slippery tree can provide soothing relief for a pet's digestive tract. When mixed with water the slippery elm forms a gel which coats the stomach and colon. The decreased contact by food with the stomach can result in much relief for a pet with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBD). It also stimulates the secretion of mucus, and antioxidants have an anti inflammatory effect. The increased mucus could be beneficial in cases of ulcers or too much acidity. Like many herbal supplements there are also secondary benefits from the many other nutrients it contains. The taste of the powder is fairly bland which makes it easy to add to wet food. 

Marshmallow root is another common inclusion in digestive formulas that works in much the same way as Slippery Elm by forming a thick sticky gel that coats the stomach and reduces inflammation. The fibre's passage through the intestines stimulates the passage of stool while also simultaneously cleaning the system. 

Probiotics 8 Plus also contains Kelp and Spirulina which contain compounds that detoxify,regenerate ailing cells, and stimulate a healthy colon. Specifically it is a special type of dietary fibre in the kelp that detoxifies, supports friendly gut bacteria, and reduces inflammation. All these things can be favorable for dogs or cats that suffer from ailments like ulcers, IBD, constipation, diarrhea, and so many other digestive upsets. And of course once again Kelp is also a rich source of other nutrients as an added bonus to including this in your pet's diet.

In addition to these beneficial fibers (which are also prebiotics that support and feed probiotics) you will also find several different types of probiotic bacteria in the formula. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that will help your pet to digest food and produce beneficial compounds. Promoting the populations of friendly bacteria also means that populations of toxin and immune suppressing negative bacteria will go down. Dogs and cats that suffer from inflammatory bowel disease and diareeah can benefit from the use of probiotics. If your pet has recently had a round of antibiotics then probiotics can help to replenish populations of friendly bacteria. Antibiotics can kill both friendly and unfriendly bacteria, and possibly contribute to the development of allergies by killing bacteria that form a sort of lining on the stomach walls.

The third main element besides fibre and probiotics in the Probiotics Plus product are the enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts that help digestion take place. This product contains all four of the main digestive enzymes which are protease, amylaste, cellulase, and lipase. These help vitamins and minerals to be absorbed from food. If food is not completely digested then undigested particles could enter the bloodstream and cause other problems. Adding digestive enzymes is a way of simulating the natural diet of carnivores because in the wild they would absorb rich amounts of enzymes by eating the organs of their prey. 

At $27.99 for 150g or $59.95 for the 500g size the Probiotics Plus is an affordable way for you to improve the digestive health of your dog or cat. And pets even like the taste of it. Some over our staff sprinkle it right on top of kibble, but you can also add it to wet food. 

Order here from our online store and see how much happier their tummy is !








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