Acana Delivers Pet Food Value

We all want the best for our pets, but what which brands get you the most  per dollar?


These days people are looking for the best ways to stretch their money. With prices going up everywhere, customers want to give their pet the same as any family member, but many are still concerned as super premium dog foods can cost more than $100 a bag. A very good quality pet food has lots of meat, a good portion of vegetables/fruits,  extras like probiotics, and often  ingredients for joint support like glucosomine. It does NOT contain corn/wheat filler, byproducts, artificial preservatives/colors.

Many brands that have this criteria cost upwards of $80 per bag. With the Acana Burbank Chicken and potatoe 13.5kg bag  you can have all of this for less than $60 and it is one of the few that can do so . Besides a chicken and fish inclusion of 60% , Acana Chicken has a healthy portion of vegetables and fruits. These have lots of antioxidants and are natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Just to be sure though  the formula has the usual complement of vitamins as well though.  Other fantastic features of the Acana Burbank Chicken formula are a unique complement of botanical grasses/flowers, beneficial probiotics, and glucosomine.

The Acana Chicken formulas also comes in variations for  puppy, large breed puppy, light and fit (weight management formula), small breed adult, large breed adult , senior, and sport. They are usually just a few dollars more than the adult.

Acana has also expanded it's line of single protein formulas and well as a complete line of grain free formulas. Single protein recipes include lamb, duck, and pork. They are easy to digest and a little lighter in protein levels. Grain Free formulas include the Pacifica (fish), Grasslands (lamb/duck), Ranchlands (beef),  and Wild Prairie (chicken). Protein levels are higher in the grain free formulas so the pricing is higher than the basic Acana Burbank Chicken formula.

Acana is made for both dogs and cats. The feline version is 100% grain free and features all the same benefits of the Acana grain free line.

Our full collection of Acana Products can be found here in our online store or at either one of our retail locations.

 You can be sure Natural Pet Foods keeps stocked up with Acana!





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