Cranimals Berry Powder Could Help to Control Pet Cancers

This berry could be a potent cancer fighter. We have had great success stories in the past managing pet cancer with our Cranimals Very Berry Supplement.

And now Crystal from our Carleton Place store has an excellent story to tell. Several weeks ago her French Bulldog Charlie had a large growth. She started giving Charlie berry powder and our anti tumor tincture.and now it's virtually gone! Even we were surprised at the speed this happened. We have reasonable expectations of success when customers use this approach to managing their pet's cancer but this was much faster than usual. Charlie is relatively young though.

Both the berry powder and tincture of wormwood induced cell death in cancer cells during lab experiments.

You can find organic Cranimals Berry Powder in our online store here. It's easy to mix this product in with your pet's wet food or yogurt.

If you wish to do some further reading on these exciting studies check out these links too.


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