Chilly Dog Coats - Warm And Great Looking Dogware!

Chilly Dog Coats -   Warm And Great Looking Dogware!

 BRRRRRR! Starting to get a little cool outside!

We all want our dogs to stay warm, comfy AND  look great on those winter walks.  Checking out our selection of Chilly Dog coats is a step in the right direction.

Always one of our favorites, The Great White North Coat  is  truly a top of the line product. We have several favorite products in the store, and the GWN easily makes the cut.

When you see one of these coats for the first time, it is immediately apparent that this wonderful product is a cut above the rest. They are locally made in Ottawa and designed for the cold winters that this Canadian city experiences.

Chillydogs Great White North

Foremost in the design of Chilly Dogs coats is a passion for finding the best possible fleece and nylon. It is obvious when you see one that they are made to the same standards as premium ski clothing for humans.

Chilly Dogs comes in 13 different sizes, and it is important to note that they also make sizes specifically designed for Whippets and long or lean dogs like dachshunds. The coat features an extra comfy fleece lining that has the look of a scarf around the dog's neck. Chilly Dogs also makes raincoats, and even a little fleece hoodie accessory to keep their head warm.

To get your dog's size take a measurement from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. It's always a good idea to bring your dog into the store for a fitting if possible too. 

 Check out some pics and  interview with the coat's designer right here

Chilly Dog Coat's can be found in our online store  at


Natural Pet Foods has carried the Chillydogs line since opening, over 10 years ago. We carry the entire line and are always happy to special order a specific size or colour for you.

Chillydogs winter coatchillydogs large and small dogchillydogs

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