Selecting the Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

Selecting the Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

There are at least a dozen different styles of winter coats in our store and sometimes it may be overwhelming to try and find that perfect coat. Luckily our staff are trained to help you fit the right coat on your dog.

Let's go through the key differences first to see which coat will suit your dog's body type and lifestyle best.

Our newest coat in the store is the muttluks winter coat made by Muttluks, a Canadian company that makes boots for dogs. This coat is unique because it has full leg coverage. A little more difficult to fit, it is best to bring in your dog for this one.

The next newest coat is Shedrow coats. These coats are based on a horse blanket so they are super warm, very durable and have a longer fit on the sides much like a horse blanket would. These coats are very reasonably priced with good value for your money and nice rip-stop material. They have a Velcro closure at the front and the belly so they are incredibly easy to put on and off. Shedrow coats are suitable for small dogs up to the biggest dogs. Very small dogs should look for another brand.

The next coats are RC Pets line of coats. This is a Canadian company that makes a super line of dog coats with water resistant fabric, reflective stripping on most coats, with Velcro fastenings. Their line includes: double diamond for lean dogs, west coast storm coat, whistler warm up for bigger dogs, trilogy a 3-in-1 coat with removable layers, and the zip line which is the only coat I've seen on the market for dogs who wear a harness. It has a double zipper so your leash can still attach to the harness and the dog stays warm and dry. Natural pet foods has a winter clear out sale where all RC Pets coats are half price with the exception of the trilogy coat. RC Pets makes their coats in sizes for the tiniest dogs in size 8 right up to the big dogs in size 30.

Canada pooch coats are also from a Canadian company that makes super warm dog coats. They have a wide array of dog coats suitable for small to medium dogs featuring puffy coats with hoods that seem just as warm as the human versions. They also have a few sizes especially for the big-chested breeds, including a size 14 plus for bulldog type breeds.

Chillydogs is a Ottawa, Canada company that makes a fantastic winter coat suitable to most breeds, as well as greyhounds, Whippets, sight hounds. Their coats are very warm, featuring a fleece neck, with a water resistant body and a buckle closure so you don't have to worry about Velcro anymore. These coats are suitable for small dogs up to Great Danes. They do not suit the larger bodied dogs, but they do have a special size for miniature and regular Dashunds. More expensive then the average coat, they are worth it if your dog is full grown. This is a coat that will last, and look and feel great.

The Sierra dog company makes this great lightweight dog coat that is perfect for dogs that do not need a heavy layer like a Golden. It is inexpensive and has all the same features as many other coats like water resistant fabric, reflective stripping and a nice fit.

Rogz makes two great coats that we carry: the sportskin and the rainskin. Both have some of the best belly coverage, buckles instead of Velcro and a very adjustable fit.These coats are premium quality and would suit small to large dogs.

The Jupiter and Ftechwear line of hoodies, winter coats and sweaters are great for very small dogs that require more belly coverage and a nice warm coat to protect them from the elements.

We have the largest selection of coats in Canada, so come on in and let us help your dog stay warm this winter.



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