Homemade or Pre-Mixes?

Homemade or Pre-Mixes?

You may be aware that there are so many options for pet food these days. One of these options you may not know much about is the dehydrated category of foods. Of these we have two that are the most popular: Urban Wolf and Honest Kitchen. Urban Wolf is made in Ontario, 🇨🇦 Canada. Their food requires very little effort; however you must purchase the meat or fish, as well as a fish oil. Next in the list is the Honest Kitchen which comes in a number of formulas and is made in the US. With this food there is no additional ingredients required. It really can't get any simpler. Add water and "Bob's your uncle!".

Another line of foods is the freeze dried category. You can again buy Canadian from Orijen freeze dried, or you can buy American with Stella and Chewy's or Primal. With any of these options you simply add water and voila!

The advantage to freeze dried or dehydrated is convenience and taste. It is great for owners who are travelling, if you are feeding raw it is a great alternative, and if you have finicky pets...freeze dried foods have better taste for senior, ill or pregnant animals.


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