Great Deals on Pet Supplies in our BLOWOUT!

Great Deals on Pet Supplies in our BLOWOUT!

Looking for great deals on pet supplies? Look no further - we have amazing deals on pet supplies 50 - 90% off everyday! I've picked just a few to show you the kind of deals you can find online at

1) Rogz Tango Paws Flat Podz over 60% off. I love this bed because it is dirt and water resistant and lasts forever!

2) Pet Loo over 60% off! These are great for small dogs in the winter, cats who have litterbox issues, or senior/ill pets, basically any apartment dweller.

3) Leash Lockets are 75% off! These are the best item you can invest in for anyone who walks their dog in an off-leash park.

4) B.F.F. Cat Cans are only 99 cents! What a smokin' good deal for the kitty cats!

5) Weruva Variety Pack of 24 dog cans are $49.99! That comes to just over $2 per can! It will keep your dogs interested with the wide array of flavours.

6) Pet Gear creates are over 60% off! Xsmall starts at $29.99 and mediums are only $49.99!

7) JW Slide 'n Treat Toys are 50% off and the treats that go along with them are only $1.99!

8) Safemade treat trays are 50% off. These great toys and treat trays meet the kid-safe standards!

9) Classic Flexi leashes are 50% off! I always have a flexi for my dog walks.

10) Rogz Sportskins and Rainskins are only $14.99 until stock runs out! These are amazing quality coats with a buckle.

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