Mushroom Benefits For Your Pet - Canine Matrix Healthy Pet On Sale Now!

Mushroom Benefits For Your Pet - Canine Matrix Healthy Pet On Sale Now!


Mushrooms for your pet? Sounds a little crazy but wait to hear about the benefits!

Sounds a little out there doesn't it? But mushrooms really do have some amazing and unique benefits for your pet! We are going to tell you about a few of them.

The number one reason to include mushrooms in our book is because of it's remarkable immune boosting power. The Reishi mushroom, which has been described in Eastern culture as the mushroom of immortality, is one we point out on products all the time. It really is amazing in several different ways. Research has shown that it can boost the immune system's productions of Natural Killer cells which help to hunt down and destroy cancers and harmful bacteria. Beyond this it's possible that Reishi could balance immune function. One of our store employees had great success controlling an immune dysfunction with her cat. Reishi also has a high amount of antioxidants for a mushroom, and also like other mushrooms has fibre that can cleanse the digestive tract. Those fibres are also prebiotic, which means that they feed the friendly bacteria that support immune function and digestion. 

We have a couple of different product options if you want to introduce some immune boosting Reishi into your pet's diet.  Firstly we have the Healthy Pet  100 % Organic Mushroom powder supplement. This blend of mushrooms like Reishi and Turkey Tail will support healthy immune function as well as providing Prebiotic Fibre to support healthy populations of friendly bacteria in the gut. You can easily mix it in with wet food, or mix with water in your pet's kibble.

On Sale now !   $34.99

 You can find this in our online store at

Secondly we have the Healthy Pet Immune Booster. Easy to add into food because it's a liquid, this formula combines Reishi with immune and energy boosting ingredients to help your pet cope with an illness. It comes in both large and small size bottles and is suitable for either cats or dogs. You can find it in our online store at


We think you will find that mushrooms deliver big benefits for a very affordable price!

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