Hemp Oil Benefits For Your Pet

Hemp Oil Benefits For Your Pet

 Don't worry it's not marijuana -- it's Hemp for your pet!


Many of you may have reservations about using Hemp to help your pet so we want to clear up the biggest misconception about hemp right away.

 Hemp is not Marijuana! It has very low amounts of the psychoactive compound THC so your pet will not get high off of it.

CBD is short for cannibidiol and could have therapeutic benefits for a wide range of conditions. These conditions include epilepsy, cancer, and mobility issues (arthritis). Research is ongoing but there are encouraging results so far. Many animals have receptors for compounds in Hemp so we believe that it is a natural component of their diet. 

 First a little about the general makeup of the hemp seed. Hemp is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. It can contribute to things like healthy brain function and a shiny coat, just like regular Omegas from other sources.  It is a great source of protein, and also many other nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zince, and even Vitamin D3.  In addition hemp powder has fibre that could benefit digestion. 

We have two great options for adding Hemp to your pet's diet. Firstly we have the hemp powder which is surprisingly affordable and with its nutty flavour will be an easy addition to a meal. You can find it in our online store here  on sale now for just $9.99  https://naturalpetfoods.ca/products/praise-hemp-topping-for-canine-and-equine

There is also  hemp oil available which is much more concentrated. You can buy it in our online store at https://naturalpetfoods.ca/products/thrive-hemp-oil-tincture-30-ml

With all the nutritional benefits of Hemp, it's pretty hard to go wrong feeding it to your pets. 



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