Recovery Vegan Glucosomine - It Really Works!

Recovery Vegan Glucosomine - It Really Works!

Recently I decided to try out some Recovery joint support powder that was getting near its best buy date. I had been using it for just a few days, and last night I went to my usual cardio class. I really noticed that there was less stress on my joints doing jumps and lunges, and my arms moved more fluidly. The last point was an educational moment because previously whenever someone said joint problems I thought of my knees. Now I understand it's about the total movement of the body. I expect there to be further improvements over time. My family had previously used Recovery with an Irish Wolfhound and it made a huge difference in his mobility. 

The Recovery formula is vegan sourced from corn which makes it a little different than most shellfish derived glucosomine. Dog's who may have a shellfish allergy have nothing to worry about with this one. But lets go through some of the individual ingredients now. 

First on the ingredient list is the Nutricol bioflavenoid mix made from extracts of grape seed and green tea. The Nutricol complex decreases cell damge and trauma by strengthening the structure of an individual cell's walls. Cellular use of oxygen increases cell damaging free radicals, and Nutricol contains compounds that can reduce some of these. The result may be slowed down age related inflammation that can damage joint health. Circulation is improved, toxins in the blood are reduced, and inflammation is reduced. This creates a better healing environment. 

Under these improved conditions, joints and connective tissue have a better chance to recover from injury and maintain themselves. Each chewable tablet has a 250mg inclusion of glucosamine and has a great fruity taste to it. Grape seed extract is safe for dogs in case you had any question about that.  Here is a link to one such study.

Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of healthy joints. It's a component of cartilage which is the tough tissue that cushions them. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis which is age related and characterized by the degeneration of joints. By providing glucosamine you give your pet's body the raw materials it needs to repair itself. Recovery also contains MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane). This is a sulfur containing compound that can significantly reduce joint inflammation and thus reduce pain. The sulfur is also an important component in the maintenence of collagen and cartilege to build healthy joints. 

Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury but it can also be harmful. Inflamed joints are characterized by redness and swelling that can cause pain, and make them difficult to move. When the cell walls are damaged, harmful substances are released into the body through those cell membranes. Recovery works with a proprietary antioxidant complex called Nutricol to stabilize this membrane and reduce associated pain. It's proposed that regular use of Recovery will reduce the overall production of harmful, age accelerating free radicals with it's neutralizing antioxidants.

You can find Recovery Join Support supplements in our online store here. For the price, it's well worth trying out!






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