Boost Pet Health With Kelp

Boost Pet Health With Kelp

Boost Your Pet's Health With Kelp


Freeze dried kelp, seaweed, and algae are all things that could solve and prevent health problems in your dog or cat.  The diverse benefits include vitamins, Omega fatty acids, fibre, chlorophyll, possible anti tumor activity, and antioxidants. Natural Pet Foods carries a selection of freeze dried pet foods. Freeze Drying preserves the nutrition in the food while it makes it convenient and easy to add to food. This article will highlight some of the great benefits you can get by adding it to your pet's diet.



Kelp and algae are from a seperate kingdom of life from plants and animals. Irish Moss, Bladderwrack, and Dulse are other commonly used seaweeds you may see in pet food. This means they are a perfect way to get additional protein and Omega 3 fatty acids into your pet diet. But the benefits are great for any pet. Kelp is actually not a plant as some suppose, and is instead classified as multi cellular algae. Kelp can be 25% protein or more, and single celled algae like chlorella and spirulina can be as much as 65% protein. As you can see, kelp is actually just a kind of algae even though it looks like an aquatic plant.

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Besides protein,  Algae contain significant amounts of essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are of great benefit to brain health, coat shine, heart health, and are anti inflammatory. Anti Inflammatories can improve joint health in arthritic dogs and  brain health is especially important for a developing puppies brain but Omegas are fantastic for all ages of pets. When you see the words EPA and DHA that means you have the most powerful Omega 3s in that product.  Essential acids like these are commonly found in fish oil, but the original source of the Omega3s is actually the algae. Fish like salmon eat kelp/algae and absorb the nutrients from them. Therefore algae is actually the most pure source of Omega 3s. Some fish oils may even be rancid so you will avoid that problem entirely with freeze dried algae. And what's more is that Kelp and Algae are perfect additions to a vegan diet. Vegan diets can be good for dogs, but often enough they are a little short in Omegas, antioxidants, and green food. You can get all these things by adding algae to your dog's kibble. Usually they love the sea taste of kelp, but some algae is grown in steel tanks and has a neutral taste too. 


Kelp contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. Algae can be so complete in nutrition that a NASA scientist was able to live off the freeze dried powder alone. It has a high content of prebiotic fibre which is a substance that beneficial microbes in your pet's body will feed on. Iodine is also found in kelp and this can be beneficial to support and balance thyroid function. The thyroid produces the hormone thyroxine which regulates metabolism so if your dog is displaying symptoms like lethargy and hair loss it could be an indication of thyroid problems and the addition of iodine rich kelp could help out. Some types of Algae also contain Vitamin A and astaxanthin. Both of these things could help to protect eyesight, and astaxanthin may increase energy as well. 



Another awesome benefit of algae is its detoxifying power. It will actually bind to and neutralize toxic heavy metal. Algae also contains nutrients that can help to build a healthy liver - one of the main organs of detoxification in your pet's body. The high amounts of chlorophyll in algae promote more efficient liver function in converting toxic substances to less harmful substances. When there are less toxins in your pet's body, you can expect body and breath odour to improve significantly. Toxins are often a cause of these stinky smells. Algae has strong anti bacterial properties but seems to have limited anti fungal effect. 

Some types of algae like Chlorella contain high amounts of nucleic acid which can be used for cell repair. In the case of chlorella, this is termed Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF. 

In summary, Kelp and Algae can provide diverse benefits for your pet at an affordable cost. Better coat health, brain function, cell regeneration, and detoxification are just a scoop of seaweed away.


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