The J Walker Dog Harness: Easy to Use & High Quality Construction



JWalker dog harnesses

Is your dog a puller? Tired of yanking on the collar? Well, thankfully there are great alternatives out there that reap work. Just some   of the go-to brands I like best are: Canine Friendly No-Pull harness, Premier Eco-harness, PetSafe harness & JWalker. These harnesses are designed to halt the pulling without having to be a bodybuilder 😊 Other great harnesses that work well if your dog is not a really bad puller include: Ezydog, RC Pets, Rogz, and more! One of our staff, Bobby, has kindly compiled a great list of the benefits of Ottawa's own JWalker below.....

Main Points:

-Box Stitches: high quality stiching, for a longer lasting harness!

-Designed locally by Jessica O'neil: Canine Behaviour Specialist.
-No Seem lines means no more chaffing your Furry friend's fur!

-Universal Clips allow for easy connection with the Jwalker training belt.

-One-clip design makes the Jwalker extremely easy to take on and off!


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