Almo Nature Pet Food Will Be Owned By The Animals!

Almo Nature Pet Food Will Be Owned By The Animals!


Are you looking for a company truly does something for animals? Almo Nature has been extraordinary in this department. And now they have gone another big step forward. In 2018, Almo will become a non profit owned by the animals!

Like Natural Pet Foods, Almo Nature has always been in business for the animals first. Natural Pet Foods was one of the first stores selling exclusively high quality pet foods with no chemicals or artificial preservatives. Likewise, Almo Nature was one of the first pet foods made exclusively with human grade ingredients and setting new standards for the industry. Natural Pet Foods business grew in the city of Ottawa, and competing businesses have copied it's vision to make pet's lives better by only selling healthy pet foods.

Almo Nature is pursuing several projects with the aim of improving pet's live. "A Pet Is For Life" is a program that aims to reduce abandonment of pets. Almo also donates 1 million meals to pets in need, and is actively trying to improve animal protection laws in Europe. 

From January 1st, all profits will be donated to the Italian charity Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation). The sole purpose of the foundation is the defence of dogs and cats in general and the protection of biodiversity. 

The words of the company's founder  Pier Giovanni Capellino illustrate the foundation's philosophy very well:

"It all started living together with my cats Shabbat and Chocolat, and dogs Shang, “Dottor Salento” and Yanga.
The fact that I can look at things “from their point of view” is thanks to them — which may seem obvious, but it’s not.
Especially Dottor Salento, who is always by my side, work and otherwise…he is the one who first inspired our philosophy, and then the products, with his attitude and gestures. He was the mind… I just gave his ideas a voice.”
Quite inspiring isn't it? Animals are Natural Pet Foods inspiration too so we love to sell products that contribute to their well being. 
We carry a full line of their canned food with great flavours like Tuna and Cheese, Chicken Breast in Broth, Tuna and Shrimp, and many more. They come in convenient 2.47 ounce cans that allow them to be added as a complement to their regular foods. Almo canned food are complements to a regular diet since they do not additions of synthetic vitamins. The philosophy behind added these cans to a diet is that they can be rotated between flavours allowing for a variety of nutrients from different protein sources. Plus it will make dinner time more interesting. We highly recommend the Chicken Breast in Broth. When you open a can you will see that it looks just like what you would put in a sandwhich. Truly human grade!
You can find the Almo line of food in our online store here. Well worth checking out a few and finding out what your cat really likes. 
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