Hard to Destroy Toys.... Our Picks!

Hard to Destroy Toys.... Our Picks!


Toys are a very important thing. They satisfy your dog's instinct to chew, are mentally stimulating, and provide play. But some dogs are such good chewers that owners can really use advice on which toys will last the longest and provide the best value. 

The best recommendations come from you the customer of course... So here are some of the best picks. 


 Westpaw dog toys are known to be fun and hard to destroy too. Always a reputable pick for a hard to destroy toy. 




Mega Last Toys - One of our customers told us that his dog could destroy any toy. We suggested he try out the Mega Last toys and a couple of weeks he came back and told us his dog couldn't get through it! We highly recommend the Holee Roller Ball. Our store manager tells us that she loves buying the Holee Roller for her dog Henry because when she throws them in the snow they will stay on top rather than sinking. That plus they are so tough she has had them for years :)

It's tough but bouncy too! In our online store here



Kong - One of the most well known and oldest names in tough dog toys. The classic. They are really tough, but still have an erratic bounce to chase after. You can stuff them with treats or kibble too keeping your dog busy for hours!

The Kong Extreme is stronger than the classic so we suggest it. Here's the link to buy it today



Beco Ball - Made in Great Britain, nicely Vanilla scented, and composed of environmentally friendly rice husk and rubber. These are a great pick for your dog's chewing needs. 

Check them out in our online store here



Planet Dog - This is a great quality manufacturer. One of our staff's friends told us her friend's pit bull couldn't destroy the Orbee Tough ball!

Planet dog makes toys that are both tough and environmentally responsible. The Planet Dog Foundation raises money for important issues!

You can find the Orbee Tough balls  in our online store here



So what's your tough toy story? We would love to hear your testimonials so we can share them with everybody. Drop us a line at info@naturalpetfoods.ca







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