Water Fountains....Who Needs Them?

Water Fountains....Who Needs Them?

Seems a bit silly, does it?

Well, with all the research into the amount of moisture we should be including in our own diets, as well as our pet's diet, it seems we are all lacking! For humans, we are carrying around water bottles, but for pet, how do we get them to drink more? Well, the answer is a water fountain of course!! Some pet owners may be feeding a raw diet, or a wet diet of cans, or a diet higher in moisture; however the average owner (like myself) needs to find a way to encourage more drinking. This is especially important for cats - many of us have experienced crystals with male cats, or other illnesses that an increase in water can help prevent. Of course, not all illnesses are preventable but living a healthy lifestyle with adequate hydration is a good way to stay healthy. Dr.Bekker believes most cats today are living in a state of mild dehydration. If you feed a kibble only diet, and do not give any wet food to your cat(s) it is crucial that you encourage a your cat to drink more. Introducing a water fountain to your cat is a great idea, not only will this help prevent crystals, urinary issues etc... but it will hydrate your cat and mimic the flow of water in the river, be attractive to the cat and entice a more then average intake of water.

So many options for fountains exist today, including stainless steel, ceramic, 360 degree, plastic, etc etc Take your pick and watch this become a focal point for your cats as it did for mine...and as it does for the big cats on the plains of AfricašŸ˜€

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