Why I love Acana (and Orijen) Pet Foods!

Why I love Acana (and Orijen) Pet Foods!

When asked which food is my Go To food I can easily say it is Acana Pet Foods. Let me explain why I love this food line......

First of all, they make their own food. Champion Pet Foods has their own kitchens where they manufacture the food. Why is this important you might say? Well it is vitally important! These days many food companies don't make their food; they sub out the manufacturing to a company that manufactures a bunch of different foods. I love that they keep control of the manufacturing and thereby keep control of the quality.

This company never compromises the integrity of the product. When faced with shortages due to a kitchen fire, or short supply, the company chooses to manufacture less product and have fewer lines in production then to sub out their production. This way they maintain the ver high quality control we are used to expecting from Champion Pet Foods and the Acana and Orijen lines.

Next, I suppose we should talk about their key philosophies....

B.A.F.R.I.N.O is their motto; and what does it stand for? Biologically appropriate fresh regional ingredients never outsourced.


Well I've covered the never outsourced but what about regional ingredients? 

What this means is that they develop strong relationships with LOCAL farmers and know where they purchase the raw product from. This goes hand in hand with fresh ingredients from regional/local producers and farmers.

One more thing to mention is that all their products are biologically appropriate based on what is best (not cheapest) for dogs and cats.

Remember you will feed less food, with better digestion, improved health and a better looking dog or cat by feeding top quality foods made from human-grade ingredients, free range where possible, from a company that oversees the entire production process from raw ingredients to the final product. Acana and Orijen even pass the stringent EU rules for importation. 

In conclusion, I really love this food, and am proud to showcase the Acana/Orijen lines in our store and online at www.naturalpetfoods.ca where we ship worldwide!

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