Which is the Best Winter Boot for Your Dog?

Which is the Best Winter Boot for Your Dog?

Here comes winter and the snow, the ice, and the salt! Snow balls in your dogs paws, damage from salt on the roads, and the sidewalks and the freezing cold! All good reasons to invest in winter boots. Hey, we buy them for ourselves...and usually we own more then one pair (at least I do!)

So, how much should you spend, which are easiest to fit, how long will they last? These may be questions that you need answered in your search for the right product for your dog, and your budget.

Let's start with how much you should spend.... well I'd say spend more if you want to get a longer lifespan out of the boots. The less expensive boots, costs less for a reason. They are not made of the same durable and quality materials as the more costly boot. That being said, if you anticipate your dog may not wear them, or often looses his boots, you may choose to start with an inexpensive boot. A few great examples are listed below, from least expensive to the higher quality more expensive:

1) the Arctic boot, on sale for $4.99 for 4 boots (it is a blowout item). This is very much a starter boot and unlikely to last for many seasons (like the Muttluk would). For under $5, it is a great way to test the waters with your dog and see how they react to wearing boots. Remember, the best time to test is during a very cold day. The dog will appreciate the extra protection and warmth.

2) Ultra-Paws boots, on sale for 50% off. Unfortunately, we are limited in sizes, but if your dog is a size medium you are in luck! These are great quality and easy to fit. The total price for 4 boots is $17 (Durable) or $19.99 (Rugged).

3) Aussie boots, on sale for 50% off. A great durable boot, similar in style to the Ultra-Paws or the orginal Muttluks, these boots are also easy to fit and a great buy. The total price is $18.50 for 4 boots, and we also have very large sizes for Giant breeds.

Aussie Naturals Winter Boots Leather Reflective Sale

4) Wellies dog boots are another great boot made by the makers of Canada Pooch. They come in regular, or fleece lined and the price range is from $19.99 - $26.99. Unfortunately, they do not come in very large sizes right now but smaller dogs rejoice, these boots are super easy to fit.

Wellies Dog Boots Winter

5) Another super quality boot that is also CANADIAN is the Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Boot. A set of 4 boots will cost you $70.

6) Now, for those owners that want to get a great quality, CANADIAN boot made especially for our very hard winters, go for Muttluks Snow Mushers. These boots are sold in sets of 2 for $39.99-$43.99.  The reason behind this is that a dogs front feet are often a different size then the back feet. Total price for 4 boots is $80-$96.



Now, for some options that do not involve fitting your dog for a boot....

Invisible boot, and other products like it are designed to coat the foot and prevent snow balling and offer some protection from the elements and salt. They are the next best thing, when you don't have time, inclination, or a willing dog to wear the boots.

One more option that is gaining popularity is the slipper-sock for dogs. This is not designed for outdoors; it is meant for dogs that need extra protection or grip indoors. They also protect your hardwood floors. 

1) We have Lookin' Good Slipper Socks on blowout for only $2.99 for a set of 4.

2) RC Pet Pawks - Anti-Slip Socks are $10 for a set of 4.

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