Which Dental Products are the Most Effective?

Which Dental Products are the Most Effective?

We all know February is pet dental month so it seems a great time to look into some of the dental products available for purchase at www.naturalpetfoods.ca

First of all I will just say this.....

The state of your pet's teeth depends a large part on genetics, diet, personality, as well as dental routines. Some dogs are prone to tarter, some just won't gnaw on bones, others find raw diets help keep the teeth cleaner, and some just need a strict dental routine that includes brushing their teeth, while the unlucky need the ever so costly veterinarian to do the dentistry.

I have three dogs, age 8, 8, and 3. It is the 3 year old that has the worst teeth of the bunch. Most of the suggestions in this post take almost no effort at all...or maybe 2 minutes of your time. Here are some options for owners to consider..... and keep in mind that however much you can squeeze into your day is better than nothing at all. OH, and for cat owners, the same rules apply....however try the salmon flavoured PetsLife gel and experiment to see if your cat prefers a gel or a spray. BEing a cat we know they will have a preference!

#1 brushing the teeth is the gold standard where teeth are considered. If you ca't do it daily, how about once a week and offering other opins in between. For my dogs, I try to brush them when I remember/have time, and give dental bones in between. I also resort to a gel or a foam on days I am rushed.

#2 a dental gel or spray like PetzLife, Burt's Bees dental gel, or Tropiclean Dental gel are the next best thing to brushing and used together are probably better then just brushing alone. I like to apply the gel at night for the most effect, after all the eating for the day is done.


#3 a dental powder added to the food. The absolute best one l've seen is Nature's Dentist. Easy to apply you just sprinkle it on top of the food and it helps promote good oral health by working with the good bacteria in the mouth.

 #4 a water additive is so easy and works moderately well but should be combined with some direct treatments. It is a great in between treatment.

#5 dental bones, antlers, smoked bones, nylabones, Gorilla chews or raw bones are a great way for the dog to grind the tarter off....perhaps this one should be higher on the list.... some cats will even chew on a nylabone!

 #6 dental treats and toys like Greenies, Whimzee, Twistix, N-Bones, Himalayan Chews, Indigenous dental bones, Plaque Off treats, JW Slide 'n Treats, Natural Balance dental bones, and more are great ways to help reduce dental decay.

#7 dental food is last on the list because it plays so small a role. It is better to eat well with a top quality food then to compromise on quality ingredients in favour of a larger kibble for dental health. A great one to enter the North American market is Forza10 Oral pet food. This is an amazing quality food made by a vet in Italy 🇮🇹 to the best standards....none of the junky ingredients you are used to seeing in vet food is in Forza10. Remember, just like with humans, an apple a day won't keep the dentist at bay😸

In conclusion, I encourage you to try one, or hopefully a few of these dental remedies that will encourage good oral hygiene for your pet. Remember that dental bills at the vet start at a minimum of $600 and can be as high as $2500 or more so don't delay the single most important thing you can do in prolonging your pets life. 

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