ProDen Plaque Off Powder 40g for Cats SALE


$23.49 CAD 

ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder is a pet dental product for dogs and cats available from veterinary practices and selected pet shops. Used daily, this 100% natural product made from kelp can significantly complement your pet’s ordinary dental hygiene.


  •  Free from additives and artificial preservatives
  •  Contains no gluten or added sugar.
  •  100% natural sustainably harvested sea kelp
  •  Can be added to both wet and dry foods
  •  Rich in natural iodine and contains important vitamins and minerals
  •  Brewer's Yeast added for palatability


  • Active Ingredient: ProDen PlaqueOff (330 mg)

    Inactive Ingredient: Brewer's yeast

  • All-natural granulated dental powder for cats
  • Supports normal and healthy teeth, gums, and breath odour
  • Coats the teeth - protects and cleans plaque and tarter off teeth
  • Can easily be mixed into wet or dry food
  • No additives, artificial preservatives, sugars or gluten
  • Suitable for cats
  • Available in a 40 g jar, measurement scoop included


Feed 1/2 to 1 scoop daily. Simply sprinkle over your cat's food. 

When first starting with PlaqueOff sprinkle a smaller portion than recommended to get your cat used to the taste, then increase little by little until the recommended amount. Results may not appear right away and may vary with each cat. Do not use the product if your pet is going through hyperthyroid treatment and discontinue the product if your cats condition does not improve or worsens.   

Please keep the product sealed and in a cool, dry place. ProDen PlaqueOff for Cats is for cat use only. If an accidental overdose happens to contact a health professional immediately. Keep out of reach of children and other pets. 

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