Pet Products We Love and Why....

Pet Products We Love and Why....

Natural Pet Foods carries hundreds, if not thousands of quality pet products so when asked which are our favorites it is not an easy question to answer.

However, we do have some products that we think are extra special. These are products that have a purpose beyond the intended use. The creators have carefully considered how they can give back to the community and preserve our planet.

#1 Chilly Dog Sweaters. A hand knit 100% wool sweater, made using natural plant dyes, that can fit any size dog from teacup to Great Dane. They employ the descendants of the Incas in the Northern Highlands of South America and follow fair trade guidelines in doing so.

#2 Chilly Dog Winter Coats. Sounds a bit like Chilly Dog Sweaters but this company is based in Ottawa, Canada and each jacket is sewed right here in Ottawa. Superior quality, and superb design set this coat apart from the rest.

#3 West Paw toys. A toy company that manufactures in the U.S.A. They even recycle the toys into new products. Cool, eco, quality products.

#4 Planet Dog. Again, made in the U.S.A. Absolutely, no plastic smell with these toys; they smell like vanilla. Another company that gives back to the community.

#5 Champion Pet Foods, makers of Acana and Orijen dog and cat foods. This is a Canadian company (branching into the States now) that uses the BAFRINO promise...that is Biologically Appropriate, Fresh, Regional Ingredients, Never Outsourced. Quite a mouthful but these are important promises given that so many companies outsource their production and simply do not oversee the manufacturing themselves. Another important thing to note, is the focus on regional. They even have photos of the farmers they purchase from. A great company with an amazing food.

The next few items are not necessarily giving back in the same way, but they are great products, often by companies that are Canadian.

#6 Aussie Naturals dog toys. These guys recycle material into fun dog toys and use rescues as doggie testers!

#7 Doggles Organic Cat Toys. This line of cat toys is both organic and out of this world!!! Cats go absolutely bananas over them.

#8 Bowsers pet beds. A Canadian company that focuses on quality. These beds last for years and you can even select a custom fabric to match your décor. So extravagant and so beautiful and comfortable!

#9 Ar'ful Good treats. Liver and other delicious goodies made locally in Martintown. Dog approved!

#10 Smoochy Poochie collars and leads. This company out of Toronto makes gorgeous 2-tone and polyvinyl collars and leads.

#11 Hero dog treats A Great Canadian company  that employs veterans and their families in their company. many of the treats include using all animal parts like feet, wings etc

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