Glucosomine Can Rebuild Your Dog's Joints

Glucosomine Can Rebuild Your Dog's Joints

Is Fido  a Little Slower These Days....

       Glucosomine Could Be The Answer!

Is your dog a little slower to climb the stairs or get up from it's bed? Could be time to add a glucosomine supplement to their diet. It's a building block of their joints and Natural Pet Foods carries a full selection of joint support products like the Omega Alpha Glucosapet. 


Glucosomine is a naturally occuring substance that helps to create the cartilage that acts as a shock absorbing cushion between joints. When this cushion is worn down by age or activity, joints can rub together causing pain and inflammation. Glucosapet is designed to add Glucosomine and a companion molecule called Chondroitin in order to repair that cartilege. This combination was found to have superior anti inflammatory effects compared to glucosomine alone. Typically glucosomine is extracted from shellfish like shrimp or clams, but vegetarian sources are also available.

The Omega Alpha Glucosapet joint support formula is so easy to adminster because it is a liquid. That means you can just add it to dry or wet food. One teaspoon delivers 500 milligrams of glucosomine along with 150 mg of chondroitin.

It's worth giving it a shot at only about $30 for the 500ml size. Could make a big difference in your dog's life. Find it in our online store here


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