ComfortFlex Dog Harness - Convenience, Quality, and Security

The Perfect Combination of Quality and Convenience


One of the most popular products we have in the store is the ComfortFleHarness. Here is Sadie
posing for a shot after her owner bought her one at the store.
Why so great? Quality construction, waterproof, perfect for sporty or hunting dogs. But the best part is how easy it is to put on!

There are so many different harnesses out there, and some of them can be a hassle to get on. That is where the ComfortFlex Harness comes in. It is so easy to put on that we can demonstrate the harness to a customer in a few seconds. That contributes to it's great sales too, but it is backed up by fantastic product quality and features as well.

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness offers you and your dog only the highest standards of safety, simplicity and security. Unlike a lot of harnesses, the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, like the throat and underarm, during any exercise. And it's made in the USA with American quality.

To put it on, you just slip it over your dog's head, fasten the Velcro underbelly belt and safety buckle and you are ready to go on a walk or an adventure at the lake. If it is a walk you are going on then the ComfortFlex is equipped with reflective stripes for night visibility as well as a handy sidewalk handle on top for greater control at important times. The ComfortFlex also incorporates a chest strap to help reign in an excitable dog. The ComfortFlex is not however a harness designed for discipline even though it has these features. At the same time it is nicely padded for your dog's happiness. Many of our customers buy it for their sporty flyball dogs.

If your dog is active at the lake or your pool  you will appreciate that the ComfortFlex is waterproof and resists odors. It is US made in upstate New York so you can anticipate a higher level of manufacturing. 

So far we have no recollection of any customers being dissatisfied with their purchase of a ComfortFlex Harness. It is truly one of our favorite things and real gem of a pet product. You won't be disappointed purchasing it.

They are availabe through our online store so be sure to check our wide selection of colors and sizes.

The ComfortFlex colors include  berry, blue-jay, bordeaux, forest green, hunter orange, saffron, raven, neon pink, raven, and red.

Sizing ranges all the way from petite P teacup size to XXL suitable for the largest dogs



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