Now Fresh Dog Food


NOW Fresh

A Food No Vet Could Complain About!

Grain-Free, moderate in protein, and packed with fresh meats, veggies, and fruits

NOW Fresh is a fantastic pet food choice for both dogs and cats

This Canadian-made food has found a unique niche in the pet food market. It's grain-free and yet moderate in protein levels. It's a food we tell customers that their vet will have no problem with. Just look at what it's got going for it 

  • Grain-Free
  • Moderate Protein
  • Lots of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables
  • Probiotics
  • Canadian-Made

It's a manufacturer we have worked with for many years, and Jeffrey, our sales rep, was actually one of the first customers at our Westboro store. It has some unusual features that we like a lot and make it an appealing food for customers searching for the right pet food. Despite the fact that it is a regular dog food, Now! Adult Dog  does not contain any chicken. This is great because chicken is a very common allergy. 

While we don't interfere with veterinary prescriptions, some customers with pets that they suspect have kidney issues choose Now! because of it's relatively low phosphorus levels. There is some controversy about how important protein level is for a pet with compromised kidneys, but there is no doubt that low phosphorus levels will help out in this situation.

Another benefit of the Now! foods is the excellent variety of fruits and veggies. Many of the foods that are often called "Superfoods" are right there in the Now! pet food. Cranberries, raspberries, bananas, spinach, and broccolli are all there, among many other ingredients packed with antioxidants. Can you believe this food even has grapefruit in it? Many times foods that we know to be healthy have health benefits for dogs and cats too.

And this pet food is available for both dogs and cats. For dogs it comes in puppy, large/small breed, adult, and senior-weight management formulas. For cats it comes in kitten, adult, and senior-weight management formulas.  The cat food has a new trout formula available as well which will please seafood loving felines. You can check out the details on their website at and order online on our website.

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  • Cindy - December 14, 2015

    You’ve got it in one. Conuld’t have put it better.

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