Joint Issues?

Joint Issues?

Is your dog having a little more trouble getting up the stairs than usual? Or maybe a bit more stiff getting out of bed? If so, maybe it's time to check out Natural Pet Foods fantastic selection of joint health products. Chances are we have what you are looking for. Our complete selection includes powders, tablets, and liquids that can rebuild and protect joints giving your dog new vitality. They have the raw materials that act like building blocks, and reduce inflammation in tired, injured, or aging bodies .

If it's is time to start supplementing them with a good quality supplement. Laura would tell you that you should supplement way before this point. At what point, you might ask. A bigger dog ideally should start around 4 - 5 years old.

I have a few favorites based on my experience with our own dogs (5 of whom are aged 9 -  17) and our horses, two of whom are in their thirties.

My more recent favorite is Tri-Acta HA. I find this product easy to administer as it is powder that easily mixes into wet food and seems to have no taste. It is extremely effective. My old Arabian mare, Gailen, who is 32 years old takes Tri-Acta daily in her feed. She is the most difficult patient you could ever want, and even turns her nose up at apples and sweetfeed when medication is involved! One of the big things about Tria-Acta is that it is a very concentrated source of glucosomine so you don't need to add much into your pet's food, and also it has two different types of glucosomine in the formula. 

Next on my list would be WellyTails, a product made in Ontario. Comes in large and super large formats which is great for big dogs, or multi-dog households. WellyTails has green lipped mussels, which is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. It is a huge variety of properties, including anti-inflammatory. It is easy to feed, and can be made into a gravy.

Recovery is another great product and it comes in chewable tablet or powder format. It also comes in dog or horse formula. Recovery is unique in that it is a vegetarian source of glucosamine. It is also Canadian! Personally, I like to rotate between Recovery and Tri-acta for both dogs and horses. Recovery also contains Vitamin C which is important in the formation of collagen.

DGP or Dog Gone Pain is a long-standing favorite as it seems to work best to act as pain relief as well as mobility aid. It has special Australian herbs and is amazing for arthritis. This little jar of 60 tablets is priced at a point that could compete with veterinary anti inflammatories without the side effects. We have seen the positive benefits with our own senior dog. 

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Raw Paw's Green Lipped Mussel is another favorite of ours. Anyone with a dog with hip issues should consider Raw Paw. This jar of green powdered Mussel packs a powerful mix of glucosomine and antioxidants and is all-natural. This company is Canadian; however, the product is sourced in New Zealand. This is important because New Zealand mussels contain especially potent antioxidants absorbed from plankton that travel the Antarctic seas. They need the antioxidant protection because of the harsh ultra violet light there, and thus the protection gets passed on to the mussels!

Last is Omega Alpha's two products: Glucosapet and Sinew-x (equine). Glucosapet is good if it is early stages, or as a preventative. It is also Canadian! Glucosapet is easy to administer because it is liquid and can even be syringed fed. Omega Alpha gets their ingredients raw and processes them into a liquid that can easily be added to dry or wet food.

Why not give one of these products a try? They are affordable and could improve the quality of life for your pet. Maybe even allowing them to live more comfortably for years beyond what they could have without them! Our staff will be happy to answer questions about them or get the information you need. My experience is that any of these products will help tremendously to lesson the mobility issues of your pet. 

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